Comptia SECURITY+ SY0-501 {Computer Base Training Course}

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Security+ SY0-501 Mike Chapple Video Training

CompTIA Security+ (SY0-501) Complete Course and Practice Exam [eLearning]

001 Welcome to Security+
002 Infrastructure Security Devices
003 Application and Traffic Analysis
004 Network Segmentation and Separation with VLANs
005 ACL Case Study
006 Design Considerations
007 NAT and PAT Case Study
008 Firewall and Switch Protection Mechanisms
009 Virtualization Overview
010 IPsec_ Protocols_ and Well-known Ports

011 ICMP and a Few More Protocols
012 Security for WiFi
013 Risk Overview
014 Risk Calculation
015 Attack Vectors_ Risk Management_ and Recovery
016 Third-Party Risk from Integration
017 Change Management and Account Auditing
018 Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
019 Forensics
020 Incident Response Concepts

021 Security Awareness_ RBAC_ and Data Labeling
022 Passwords_ Best Practices_ and Standards
023 Environmental Controls
024 Physical Security
025 Business Continuity
026 Fault Tolerance
027 Controls for Confidentiality
028 Tools and Controls for Data Integrity
029 Availability and Safety
030 Malware_ Adware – Spyware

031 Trojans_ Backdoors_ and More Malware
032 Attack Types MITM – Spear Fishing
033 Attack Types_ Xmas – Client Side
034 Password Attacks and Watering Holes
035 Social Engineering Threats
036 Vishing and Why Social Engineering Works
037 Wireless Attacks
038 Cross-site and Injection Attacks
039 Application Attacks
040 Monitoring and Device Hardening

041 Baselines_ Detection_ and Reporting
042 Analyzers and Scanners
043 Discovering and Assessing Threats
044 Penetration Testing
045 Techniques for Securing Apps
046 Application Security Controls
047 Mobile Device Security Overview
048 Host Security
049 Hardware and Virtualization Security
050 Data Security

051 Securing Data with H_W_ Controls_ and Policy
052 Security in Static Environments
053 AAA Concepts
054 Authentication Protocols and Services
055 Multifactor Authentication
056 Authentication Controls
057 Controlling Access via Authorization
058 Account Management
059 Symmetric and Asymmetric Encryption
060 Crypto Key Management

061 Hashing and Encryption Protocols
062 Comparing Cryptography Algorithms
063 PKI Overview
064 Certificate Warnings and Trust Models
065 Layered Security Case Study
066 Attack Types and Vectors
067 Threat Actor Types and Ethics
068 Reconnaissance Information Gathering Concepts
069 Hacking Vocabulary and Terms
070 Malware Concepts

071 Network Scanning Overview
072 Trojans
073 Port Security
074 Scanning Methodologies
075 Sniffing Overview
076 Vulnerability Scanning
077 Social Engineering Overview
078 System Hacking Stages and Goals
079 Buffer Overflow

081 Honeypots and Honeynets
082 Centralized Identity Management
083 SSO_ Kerberos_ and Security Threats
084 Incident Response
085 Penetration Testing Legally
086 Case Study


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